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Mutafchiev Hotel complex

Mutafchiev complex is located in the center of the village of Chavdar. The complex includes a hotel, night bar, tavern, Vienna pastry shop, bakery, grocery store, hair dresser and a…


hut Staroplaninet

The Staroplaninets hut is located in the Etropole town in the Loseto district. There is an asphalt road constructed. The hut’s capscity is 50 beds and also there is a…


Kashana hut

The Kashana hut is located high in the Kashana saddle. The Complex consists of big building with two floors which has 16 beds as well as 3 bungalows with 28…


RIU Pravets Resort

The hotel is located on the lake bank in Pravets The hotel offers to its visitors restaurants, swimming – pools, spa – complex, fitness halls etc.. In provides facilities for…

Household “Kamenov” Kiril Kamenov

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