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The “St. Dimitur”

The Church is located in the village of Mirkovo. The building is completed in 1834 and in 1884 the church is entirely repaired. David Zograf, Ivan Nedelkov and Ivan Stoyanov…


Blessed Virgin Church

The Blessed Virgin church is located in the village of Smolsko, Mirkovo municipality. The church was announced as a monument of culture in 1974. It is built in 1859 by…


Chappel “St. Petka”

The Chapel St. Petka is located in the village of Chavdar. It is constructed in 2008. It is built on a hill in the area St. Petka – a patron…


The “St. Petka”

The church “St. Petka” in the town of. Etropole was built in 1882 at the same place where an old Christian temple used to be located. In 1749 it was…


Monastery of Etropole St. Triad”

The monastery is located 5 km from the town of Etropole. It was built in 1158. The consideration is that it was a very important educational center in XVI and…