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The “St. Archangel Michael” Church

The church is located in the village of Chavdar and it is one of the oldest buildings in the village. It is constructed in 1883 by a master from the…


Monastery of Chekotino St. Archangel Michael”

The monastery is located on the Malak Iskar river valley on 15 km from Pravets. It is considered that it was built in the end of the 12th century. Next…


Monastery of Pravets “St. Teodor Tiron”

The monastery is located 3 km away the town of Pravets At its upper part there is an ecopath leading to the town. Some people believe that there was a…


Monastery of Vraches St. Forty martyrs

The monastery is located 4 km away from the Vratchesh village, municipality of Botevgrad. It is situated on the river-bank of the Cheshkovitsa river. The temple was built after the…


Trudovets monastery “St. George”

The temple is located in Botevgrad municipality next to Trudovets village. It was announced as a national monument of culture since 1986. There are no precise evidences about the period…