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Natural beauty


Jelašnička gorge

Jelašnička gorge is located 15km away from Niš. It is the unique nature reserve owing to some unusual kinds of plants and natural beauties. Here, there are some stone creations…


Sićevačka gorge

Sićevačka gorge is a part of the Nišava river basin, generated by the intensive cutting of its water-flow into the rocks mass, between the north parts of the Suva mountain…


Kamenički resort

Kamenički vis is a known resort near Nis, located on mountainsides of Svrljiške mountains, uphill the Kamenica village, after which it got its name. It is situated on the altitude…


Prekonoška cave

The Prekonoška Cave is located 5 km southeast of Svrljig, uphill the village Prekonoga, in a slightly inclined karst plateau. The cave was investigated by the famous scientist, Jovan Cvijić,…


Resort Bojana’s watters

Bojana’s waters is a known resort, 25 km far from Nis. It is situated on the altitude of 700-1300 m. The resort is named after the spring of a clear…