Cross-border destination – Erma River Gorge

Cross-borderCross-border destination – Erma River Gorge

To get to the beautiful views of the Gorge, you must pass the town Trun. It is located in Pernik municipality, near the border with Serbia. It’s easy to reach by car, as the infrastructure is well developed and the trip is easy and pleasant. Along the way there are markings that show where the location of the eco-trail is which runs through the Gorge. Of course, the best season to visit the site is during the spring or during the summer in dry weather, because then the nature is most beautiful.

Once we arrived at the beginning of the path, we found that there is a wonderful opportunity to relax and picnic, as well as an ample parking.

The beginning of the trail runs along the wooden bridges and stairs, some of them are quite steep. After we moved to the other side and climbed up the hill we came to an interesting tunnel dug into the rock. After that we had a choice to go the other way or to climb one of the peaks situated above the Gorge. Of course, we decided to climb. So, the transition was stationed around 1 hour and it was quite difficult and steep, but when we reached our goal, we were fascinated by the magnificent view.

The destination deserves a visit, because it includes beautiful scenery, a place for relaxation and adventure for the adventurous.