Project information

About „MASSIF Stara Planina” Project

The project “Management, Supervision and Promotion of TOURISM Facilities of Stara Planina mountain – MASSIF STARA PLANINA” -2007CB16IPO006-2011-2-137 fully complies with the strategy and objectives of: Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.
The Project aims to facilitate the competitiveness in the region of Stara Planina in the Bulgarian-Serbian border area through promotion of the investment capacities for good utilization of the available resources.
The project is involved in: Priority axis 2: Improvement of the capacity for joint planning, problem
solution and development. 2.2: Sustainable development through efficient utilization of the regional

The main aim of the project “Management, Supervision and Promotion of TOURISM Facilities of STARA PLANINA mountain – MASSIF STARA PLANINA” is to better utilize and promote the tourist facilities of Stara
Planina mountain by increasing levels of human capacities and by establishing advanced technical infrastructure for monitoring and supervision thus enabling the region on both sides of the border to
become tourism-pro-active and sustainable for further introduction of good practices and functionality models for development.

The specific project objectives are:

  • To increase attractiveness of the border area for economic activities and investments in the field of tourism as a main income generator and potential for development;
  • To strengthen local capacity to attract investments and to stimulate entrepreneurship in the border area in tourism;
  • To promote sustainable development trough valorisation of potentials for alternative tourism forms investment.

Target Groups

  • Owners of small and medium companies in Western Bulgaria and Eastern Serbia suffering from the lack of tourist locations that would facilitate the development of their activity;
  • Owners of potential attractions for alternative tourism;
  • Representatives of the local government in the Western Bulgaria and Eastern Serbia;
  • Tourists;

Project financing

  • The project MASSIF Stara Planina is co-financed by the European Union via the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. The Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme is financed by:
  • The European IPA fund and co-financing by Bulgaria and Serbia through the State Budget and/or co-financing, provided by the Project Beneficiaries.
  • The eligible border area of the programme for cross-border cooperation under the Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) Bulgaria-Serbia is situated on the territory of 39 434 m2. (20 525 m2 on the Bulgarian side and 18 909 m2 Serbian part) and has a border with Romania to the North and the Republic of Macedonia to the South. The length of the border between both countries is 341 km, 315 out of which there are overland border and 26 km border to the river of Timok as well. There are 5 border crossings operating alongside the border area.
  • The common Bulgarian-Serbian cross-border area includes 12 administrative units: 6 areas in Bulgaria equal to level NUTS III (EUROSTAT) in compliance with the requirements of EC Regulation 1059/2003 for NUTS classification as well as in conformity with the EC Orientation Project from January 2004 as well as the NUTS III equivalent 6 areas in Serbia.